4 Popular Styles of Moulding That Homeowners Should Consider


Interior design projects can range from minor simplistic ones to major jobs. No matter what kind of project is done to a home, as long as professionals are performing it, it'll end up making that piece of property look much better. Moulding projects, for example, can add significant width, depth, and height to an otherwise bland room.

Let Your Customers Know How They Can Increase Their Home's Value: Part 2


Homeowners love improving every aspect of their property. They like building new additions on their home like a deck or patio, they love bathroom remodeling jobs, master bedroom paint jobs, major carpeting projects, and much more. Perhaps the most popular part of a home that homeowners enjoy improving, however, is the kitchen.

Let Your Customers Know How They Can Increase Their Home's Value


If you're running a business that deals with homeowners, you probably talk to people who are excited about improving their home's value. Not every property owner knows about the importance of home improvements, however, so it's up to you to let them know about what kinds of projects and home additions they can do to their homes to increase its value.

3 Design Tips Your Customers Can Use to Improve Their Home


If your customers are homeowners, it's important to realize that they're most likely always thinking of improving their homes in some way. Homeowners love adding on to their property, cleaning up their landscape with major projects, and doing some creative interior design work inside the home.

3 Ways to Incorporate Wood Into Your Office Design


If you are designing your office, there are so many important factors you have to consider. When it comes to home remolding jobs, roughly 35% involve the entire home, and whole office renovations can be just as valuable. In addition to price, functionality, which products to use, and all the logistical aspects, you have to make sure that the final design actually looks appealing. By incorporating wood into your design, you'll guarantee a high quality look throughout the entire office.

3 Medical Clinic Design Tips


If you're designing a medical clinic, you have to ensure that each patient that comes into the facility is able to get the necessary treatment required for their well being. In addition to the actual medical needs of the patients staying at the clinic at any given time, there are other aspects of the design process that you need to consider in order to have a successful practice.

Improve Your Home With These 3 Renovation Ideas


If you're a homeowner, it's time to create your dream home and stop living in a boring space. You don't have to do all kinds of extravagant projects and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on renovations, but you should know that whatever ideas you do have, if you plan everything out thoroughly enough, you can obtain your dream property.

How to be Prepared for the Spring Home Improvement Rush


Spring tends to be the time of year when everyone starts thinking about changing up their look. Magazines are rife with home improvement articles, colorful and fresh shades of paint, and ideas for sprucing up homes and gardens. If you're a retailer, you want to have much-demanded items in stock and ready to go for the spring hordes ready to redesign. Checking in early with your wholesale suppliers and seeing what new things they have in stock is a great idea to get ahead of the curve.

2017's Most Popular Home Design Trends


If your business provides homeowners with architectural equipment or services, it's important that you stay up to date on the latest home design and decor trends. It seems that every year, although many aspects of home ownership remain the same, new styles, designs, and trends arise.

3 Great Renovation Ideas to Improve Your Home


Renovating your home can be great for both the value of your property and your overall enjoyment of the house itself. Plus, you don't have to remodel just one room at a time and settle for everything else, either. Surprisingly, 35% of property remodeling jobs involve the entire home. Partly, that's because home remodeling financing is really easy to acquire right now.

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