3 Medical Clinic Design Tips


If you're designing a medical clinic, you have to ensure that each patient that comes into the facility is able to get the necessary treatment required for their well being. In addition to the actual medical needs of the patients staying at the clinic at any given time, there are other aspects of the design process that you need to consider in order to have a successful practice.

Use Rounded Edges

You never know who is going to walk into your medical clinic and what symptoms they are showing. In the event of an emergency, it's important to ensure that your medical staff doesn't have to worry about anything other than providing the best possible medical attention to each patient. If your clinic has sharp 90-degree angles all over the place, that only increases the chance of sustaining more injuries for both the medical staff and the visiting patients. When designing your medicinal clinic, make sure to use rounded edges as much as possible.

Use Hidden Custom Drawers/Cabinets

Although tall cabinets are both essential and great for a medical practice, hidden drawers provide additional storage space without intruding on the room's comfort. Tall cabinets are typically 83.5 inches tall and can provide significant space for all kinds of medical essentials. Those cabinets won't be enough, however, which is where hidden drawers and other cabinets come in. Be sure to design your medical clinic with enough hidden cabinet storage space that will allow the medical professionals to store all the tools, supplies, and medications necessary to have a successful practice. All the test tubes, caps, sutures, and other medical items are going to need an organized space to remain that isn't in the way of the medical professional; hidden cabinets can address those issues.

Be Minimalist in Appearance

In addition to keeping smaller items inside medical cabinets, there shouldn't be too many other larger items taking up space in the clinic, either. Having too much clutter inside a medical clinic can lead to serious problems so it's important to have only the essential items out at all times. Everything else needs to be safely stored in another place outside of the room or completely out of the way.

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