3 Reasons Clients Go Crazy For Wood Paneling In Their Homes


While trends may come and go, there's one thing that remains fairly constant: homeowners like to have natural elements in their home. That's one reason why hardwood floors are so popular. In fact, 54% of future buyers are willing to pay more for a house with hardwood floors. But an increasing number of buyers don't just want wood on the floors; they want it on their walls, too. Whether their style is sleek and contemporary or rustic shabby chic, versatile wood plants can add beauty to any home. Here are a few reasons why you've probably seen a demand for wood wall panels as of late.

  1. Wood wall planks add texture
    Paint color and decor can add visual interest to a room, but wood panelling can be a great way to do that in a space without adding in much else. Even when paneling is painted white, this can add character and vibrancy to a room. Whether it's part of a feature wall or in place of wallpaper, natural or painted wood planks can be an excellent way to make a room more interesting.

  2. Wood panels are neutral yet unique
    Even when panels are stained rather than painted, they can be considered a neutral (and natural!) element. It adds warmth, yet it won't typically clash with what's already in the space. And because no two planks look exactly the same, your client's home will truly be one-of-a-kind.

  3. They can be classic or modern
    Wood panels are incredibly versatile. Whether a client wants a classic, unpainted maple or the dark, more exotic look that walnut provides, you'll likely be able to work wood into an existing aesthetic. This decorative method can also extend to virtually any room in the house; it works just as well in a bathroom or kitchen as it does in a grand family room. Essentially, there's a way to make wood paneling work for any style or space.

Wood panelling gets a bit of a bad rap for being outdated, especially when an older home features wall-to-wall wood. But the fact is that today's wood panels can look just as great in a home as they do in a concert hall or an educational facility. There are endless ways to manipulate this material to suit any client's needs.

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