4 Popular Styles of Moulding That Homeowners Should Consider


Interior design projects can range from minor simplistic ones to major jobs. No matter what kind of project is done to a home, as long as professionals are performing it, it'll end up making that piece of property look much better. Moulding projects, for example, can add significant width, depth, and height to an otherwise bland room.

Here are a few types of MDF moulding that homeowners consider when deciding to upgrade their homes.

Casing is designed to cover the area between walls and windows or doors. Typically, these small gaps aren't completely finished, so casing can cover these blank areas up and give the wall, window, or door a more complete look. There are plenty of different color and styles for casing projects, though it's fairly common that the width of each casing is between two and three inches.

Baseboards are found at the bottom of the wall throughout a room or hallway. These structural pattern decorations act as visual transitions between a home's wall and its floor, rather than just having a wall go all the way down to the base of the floor, which can be visually unappealing without a baseboard outline.

Crowns are located at the top of the wall and acts as ceiling casing. Rather than providing an uneven look with the floor, crowns provide a visual transition from the wall to the ceiling as well. Crowns are also referred to as coves or cornices.

Picture Rail
Picture railing is for the more expressive homeowners. These rails allow art pieces to be hung from the wall, rather than nails, and can accentuate an area of a home that is riddled with vibrant art pieces.

A surprising 35% of homeowners decided to get remodeling projects that involve the entire home (whole home renovations). Whether these are custom moulding jobs in a specific room or major architectural projects throughout the home, SourceCut Industries can help these homeowners make their properties beautiful. Contact us today!

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