Commercial and Home Remodeling Outlook: Plywood Siding


If you're in the business of helping homeowners or commercial business owners improve or remodel their buildings’ interior, it’s important that you know all the advantages that plywood offers. Here is an in-depth look at this strong material and all its benefits.

Though strong, it’s a very thin material
This durable wood is a sheet material that is manufactured from many thin layers. The layers, also known as “plies,” are glued together with other adjacent layers to create the final wooden product. Both medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and particle board are engineered forms of wood from the same manufactured board family as the plies.

Plywood is great for kitchen remodeling projects
According to the National Association of Home Builders, roughly 69% of all remodeling jobs were for kitchen projects. Plywood is great for cabinet box construction inside kitchens because of its thin, sleek look and design.

There are four types of wood with various uses

  1. Exterior Wood -- Considered to be the most common type of plywood, exterior wood uses moisture-resistant glue. Because of its resistance to moisture, this wood is great for outdoor projects both residential and commercial alike. Exterior wood is available in almost all grades.

  2. Interior Wood -- This kind of wood is great for traditional hardwood projects like furniture constructing, cabinetry, and sheathing. This type of wood is available in most grades and can come in a variety of different species of wood like birch, cherry, and oak.

  3. Marine Wood -- Though exterior wood is great for moisture-resistant projects, marine wood uses even stronger adhesives to fully secure the structure. Marine wood does only come in Grade A, however.

  4. Structural Wood -- Stratal wood is very strong and works well but it isn’t as aesthetically pleasing as other forms of wood. The adhesive used is quite sturdy, but it’s seldom used in home projects. This kind of wood is not typically found in anything higher than Grade C.

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