Don't Let Your Customers Forget About These 3 Aspects of Home Remodeling


When people are beginning to brainstorm ideas on how to improve their homes, they usually spend a lot of time on the major aspects of their property. According to a National Association of Home Builders survey, for example, 78% of projects consisted of bathroom remodeling jobs and 69% of requests were for kitchen improvements. Although those projects are great for increasing property value and a home's appearance, there is so much more that should be considered.

If you have homeowners come into your shop and frequently ask about home remodeling projects, once you've talked ad nauseam about the benefits of bathroom and kitchen projects, let them know about a few other aspects of home remodeling. Here are a few important home upgrades your customers should consider this year.

Custom Drawers

Not too many homeowners think of the types of drawers they want around their house until it's too late and they're stuck looking at boring parts of their property. To avoid this issue, or at least combat it, your patrons can consider having custom drawers crafted to their liking. By going with custom drawers, homeowners will be able to adjust their home's features to exactly what they want and won't have to sacrifice quality by doing so. Don't let your clients be stuck with the same kind of standard drawer that's found in every other home.

Wall Panels

Another aspect of interior design that homeowners often ignore is their walls. Your customers can choose better quality wall panels and not just settle for the default option that far too many people do. Wall panels can provide people with an original look and a great home.

Furniture Placement

Although many people love picking out the furniture that will go inside their homes, not too many people consider the actual placement of the furniture. As long as your customers take some time to really inspect their homes, they'll figure out exactly where certain pieces of furniture should go.

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