Help Your Customers Improve Their Homes: 3 Home Improvement Trends to Consider

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If you're running a shop or service business that provides assistance to homeowners, it's your responsibility to be aware of every possible way to help them. Homeowners can achieve the home of their dreams as long as they know who to work with and in most situations, that who is going to be you.

Whether you're educating your customers on what material works best for outdoor projects, telling them which types of wood will provide the look they want, or recommending various major projects that could add function to a home, they will be looking to you for all their property needs. It's up to you to provide that valuable information and assistance to them.

Here are a few property trends that homeowners have been paying attention to and will likely ask you about this summer.

Homeowners are more concerned with their cabinetry and custom drawers

The average homeowner probably doesn't consider his or her cabinetry as a top priority when looking for ways to improve the home, but after seriously considering all the other aspects of their home, they soon realize it's more important than they originally thought. You should be able to inform your customers on average measurements as well as what types of wood and material should be used when upgrading custom drawers and cabinets. Upper cabinetry, for example, is usually 12 inches deep with the option to be increased to around 17 inches on custom applications. Similarly, taller cabinets are about 83.5 inches in height in order to accommodate for plenty of space.

Homeowners usually overdo it on furniture

When homeowners begin improving the inside of their homes, they usually spend way too much time on the furniture. Although furniture components are an essential aspect of a nice looking living room, it's important you let your customers know there are many more aspects to focus on. Far too many people end up having more couches than people in each room of their home, which takes away from the rest of the property and can make a space look overcrowded. Help them get great pieces of furniture but make sure they're not overdoing it.

Homeowners usually neglect their home's walls

Another part of home projects that's often overlooked are the actual walls inside a home. Not only do people forget about the importance of placing of art on the wall, which would certainly enhance the look and feel of each room, but they don't focus on the wall mouldings either. The architectural design of a person's hallway, doorway, and each room should be a focal point and not just an afterthought. Let your customers know how to improve the look and feel of these areas of their homes.

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