How to be Prepared for the Spring Home Improvement Rush


Spring tends to be the time of year when everyone starts thinking about changing up their look. Magazines are rife with home improvement articles, colorful and fresh shades of paint, and ideas for sprucing up homes and gardens. If you're a retailer, you want to have much-demanded items in stock and ready to go for the spring hordes ready to redesign. Checking in early with your wholesale suppliers and seeing what new things they have in stock is a great idea to get ahead of the curve. Many home improvement projects focus on kitchens or bathrooms and increasing storage or utility within those rooms. For a special remodel, they might want custom drawers or cabinets. Furniture is always one thing quick to be updated, so make sure you have a good selection ready to go.

Get Ready for the Remodel
Keeping common materials needed for a kitchen and bathroom home remodel is a wise choice. The National Association of Home Builders released a survey that showed that almost 70% of all remodeling jobs requested were for a kitchen remodel. This was right behind a bathroom remodel, which was almost 80% of renovations requested. Even just a minor kitchen remodel can give a homeowner a return on investment of over 80%. This could include replacing the fronts of cabinets and drawers to give it a more updated look, redoing cheap countertops, a fresh paint job, and updating appliances. In some cases, replacing worn flooring might also be a good idea.

Purchasing a range of cabinetry, drawers, and countertops from your wholesaler in advance is a wise idea. If you purchase in bulk, you may be able to get a significant discount on the items you purchase, giving you a wider profit margin.

Furniture that has built-in storage is also popular. For example, kitchen islands with storage built in are highly functional and often sought after by consumers.

What Kinds of Cabinets Should I Have in Stock?
Though it'll be difficult to pre-order custom cabinets, having traditionally sized cabinets in stock is wise. The standard measurements for kitchen cabinets that are up high are about 30 inches, though stocking 36-inch and 42-inch cabinets will safely cover most of your bases. They should be between 12 and 17 inches deep.

For cabinets that sit over the fridge, you'll want cabinets about 12 inches in height. For older wall cabinets, get 12-inch high cabinets, though newer models are usually between 14 and 16 inches. Standard base cabinet measurements tend to be about 24 inches deep and 36 inches in height. These usually are set on a four-inch riser (commonly known as a toe kick).

Provide your customers with good quality, by choosing dovetailed cabinetry and drawers to ensure longevity. If you're looking for the right kind of shelf thickness, it can range from anywhere from a half inch, to 5/8 of an inch, to 3/4 of an inch. If you're stocking longer shelves on a wider cabinet, you'll want thicker shelves to keep them from bowing or sagging in the middle.

Tall cabinets should be about 83.5 inches high -- they'll often double as pantry space and storage for tall items like brooms or mops.

What Else Should I Have in Stock?
Having different types of hardware (knobs, finishes, handles, etc.) can allow your customers to update their existing cabinets or drawers or customize ones that they purchase from you. Why have them go elsewhere if you already carry the items they need? Make yourself a one stop shop for the furniture and furniture accessories that they need.

Get ready for the spring rush in advance and provide an array of good quality options to your customers. Get in touch with us to see our variety of drawers, cabinets, fixtures, and more today!

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