Make Sure Your Customers Are Aware of These 3 Cabinet Types

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If your clients are forced to make all their own architectural decisions, their homes could end up losing out on quality over an extended period of time. It’s up to you to help your customers learn what it takes to successfully remodel their homes, what materials they will need, and other information from cost to the cabinet components being used.

Standard measurements of upper kitchen cabinets, for example, are typically 30 inches high, but your clients might enjoy 36 inch or 42 inch stock or semi-custom cabinets as well.

Here are a few types of cabinet components that you should consider informing your homeowner clients about. As long as your clients are fully aware of these materials and options they have, they will be in the best position to successfully remodel or make additions to their homes.

Laminate cabinets
Laminate is one of the best materials out there. After having laminate cabinet doors and cabinets crafted for their homes, your customers will certainly love the new look of their revamped features. Laminate material can look just like stone, tile, or wood, but will require much less maintenance and cost.

MDF moulding cabinets
MDF is one of the most durable and affordable types of material on the market. Let your homeowner clients know how strong MDF material is, and make sure they know about all the various applications they have as well. From adjusting the size of the cabinet components inside to strengthening the top of any counter or cabinet, MDF is an excellent option for any homeowner.

Wooden cabinets
Like MDF, wood is easily customized and adjusted. You might need to show your customers the proper way to cut and shape the wood, or just suggest working with a professional, but if your clients are handy enough they should be able to perform any cabinetry jobs while using wood. Wood is perhaps one of the most used materials in the home remodeling industry, and when done correctly it can look amazing. Your customers will enjoy the look and feel of their new cabinets and remodeled home right away.

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