The Pros and Cons of Working With Natural Wood

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Not all drawers and cabinets are made of 100% wood, which is fine. Some homeowners prefer things be done a certain way by using certain materials and others are a little more open to other options.

Shelf thickness, for example, is something that not everyone associates with interior design, but is actually an important part of the planning process if a homeowner wants their house in a particular way. Shelf thickness ranges from half an inch to five-eighths of an inch to three-quarters of an inch. Typically, thicker is better when it comes to shelving to avoid sag, but it's up to the homeowner's discretion.

Another major decision homeowners have to face when considering their custom drawers and cabinets inside their homes is whether or not to use wood. Some people like all-wood drawers and some tend to gravitate toward particleboard cabinetry -- here are a few pros and cons of working with natural wood.

Pros for building custom drawers with natural wood
These sheets of wood are typically much more thin than other types of material for household projects. Because of the cross grain pattern within natural wood sheets, the wood is much more stable and heat resistant than other materials. In addition to its heat resistance benefits, natural wood is also more moisture resistant than other products. Particleboard, on the other hand, can't handle moisture very well at all. Natural wood also holds mechanical fasteners like nails and screws better because of its stronger material.

Cons for building custom drawers with natural wood
Particleboard is not as expensive to manufacture and purchase because the material used is often considered as waste. On average, using particleboard for custom drawer and cabinet construction will yield a savings of 10%. The little cost disadvantage is the only con, however, for using natural wood over particleboard, so homeowners might still be better off with durable wood drawer and cabinet components.

It's ultimately up to the homeowner to decide on which product or which style will be used inside their home, but it's important they at least know the differences between natural wood and particleboard. Contact SourceCut Industries, Inc. today if you want to learn more.

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