SourceCut Green Sustainability Practices


SourceCut Industries, Inc. is committed to preserving a green environment for our community. Since the beginning of our organization we have maintained the mentality that “going green” was not just the current trend but a necessity to clean-up and maintain a healthy environment. As a truly agile organization our dynamic responsiveness applies to the needs of our environment as much as our customers.
         Our green initiatives focus on reducing waste, re-using materials and recycling.
         Some examples of how our green initiatives have positively impacted our environment are the use of our main bi-product (natural saw dust) for animal bedding, our paper reduction initiative, zero-waste direct print operations and our ability to offer FSC® certified materials and LEED processes to our customers.
         As our business evolves we will maintain our commitment and continue to evolve our green initiatives to ensure that our posterity will inherit clean, sustainable and healthy environment.
         The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) provides internationally recognized standard-setting, trademark assurance and accreditation services to companies, organizations, and communities interested in responsible forestry. We maintain membership in the FSC® and encourage our customers to ask FSC® certified materials that we can provide.

Some examples of how our green initiatives have positively impacted our environment include:

   Participation in Wisconsin's Focus on Energy program
   Zero-waste direct print operations
   Providing local farmers with saw dust for animal bedding
   Company-wide paperless initiatives
   Use of sustainable raw materials
   Credentials available for green material availability
   Green manufacturing that offers customers points towards their LEED program
   FSC® certified materials - Our FSC® certificate code is: FSC® SCS-COC-002274
   FSC® certified materials - Our FSC® Trademark License Code : FSC-C007621

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