SourceCut Quality

Every order manufactured in our facilities follows a strict quality control process. It begins before manufacturing starts. We purchase raw materials from proven vendors and brands. Prints and/or First Articles are approved by the customer before production begins ensuring all dimensions, tolerances, colors, and other specs are captured upfront. An internal launch meeting is held to communicate the required materials, designs, tooling, operation process, specs, tolerances, and timeline needs to key production staff on each new product or project.

Every step of the manufacturing process is signed off on, which includes a final inspection at the time of packaging and shipping. In addition to our strict QCP, we also implement customer specific quality control steps or process upon request. Checklist, go/no go jigs, photos of completed products, etc. are all examples we are more than happy to provide to make you comfortable and updated.

Our highly trained staff members have an eye for quality and follow tolerances and quality specifications that accompany each work order. Continued investment in state of the art machinery allows us to produce products within extremely tight tolerances consistently. In addition to our quality products, we also strive daily to provide unmatchable service and solutions that save you money.

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